Navigating The Neurodiverse Marriage

February 15, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 3
Navigating The Neurodiverse Marriage
Show Notes

Ever find yourself talking with someone and it looks as though your listener has checked out of the conversation?  It may not be what you think.  This podcast is all about just that.  Learning to navigate your way through a relationship that has an Aspie on one side and an NT on the other. 

Love  comes with a multitude of feelings, thoughts, concerns, responsibilities on so on...  and 
communication is a key issue for those who are in neurodiverse relationships.  The partner with Asperger's/ASD may likely seem distant or un engaged during even the most casual of conversations.  Whereas the NT partner may likely get dismayed or even frustrated with what appears to be an unconcerned or uncaring AS partner.

Let's work together as we go 'full speed ahead' in learning some of the speed bumps, pitfalls, detours and victories in this podcast .  

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