Options and Resources

March 22, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 6
Options and Resources
Show Notes

Have you ever found yourself looking for resources to help you understand AS/ASD?  If you have, then the chances are pretty good that you will find lots of books, tapes, videos and web sites (especially websites) that are so negative that you can't find a ray of help in it.

The trick to finding real help that is constructive and hopeful is to carefully look for positives.  Positive words that describe those who have AS/ASD are a good sign that this resources may be of some help to you.  That is one reason I created this podcast.  I want to be a positive and encouraging resource for all people - not just those on the spectrum, but anyone who wants to understand AS/ASD.

In this episode, my wife and I explore some good book resources and and options for those who may be struggling.

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