Autistic Children & the Medical Community Part 2

May 03, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 9
Autistic Children & the Medical Community Part 2
Show Notes

We continue our visit with Carrie Donnell about the needs of children on the autism spectrum  when it comes to being treated in a hospital  emergency room, an emergency clinic, or even in the doctors office.  Training in the understanding of stims, sensitivities and meltdowns is critical to quality care by the medical community.  

In this episode, we learn about ways to advocate for your child when in a medical community that perhaps does not fully understand the autistic support needed while in their care.  We also look into ways to help our autistic children to advocate for themselves as they grow into their teens .  The realization of the need is expanding, because there are so many children that have so many things to be advocated for.

Perhaps this episode can help you understand not only how to advocate for your son or daughter, but for all who are on the spectrum as well.

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