Ignorance is Bliss...and Dangerous! PART 2

June 28, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 13
Ignorance is Bliss...and Dangerous! PART 2
Show Notes

This is the second part of our discussion on the struggles of NT spouses and their partners.  To re-iterate,  we (my wife and I) have received many messages regarding some strong issues and struggles of Neurodiverse couples and especially those of neurotypical spouses.

Our concerns for these issues brought us to make this two-part discussion.  If you have not yet heard the first part, please pause and listen to it before beginning this one.  We set out to help concerning neurotypical spouses and the suspicion of the significant partner's being on the spectrum.  Specifically  - the struggle to communicate in order to move to understanding if the partner really is on the spectrum.

Sometimes when faced with the issues of spectrum suspicion and possible discovery, the partner blocks off any communication from the concerned NT spouse.  We (Aspies) do this for a variety of reasons and in this episode we share our insights and give you some suggestions with this very thing and we hope we can help you (both partners) sort this out.  

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