Meet Nathan

July 26, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 15
Meet Nathan
Show Notes

It is always a good thing when we get to meet new people.  For those of us on the spectrum, it can be especially true.  Meeting new people enhances our view of life and helps us to understand one another regardless of whether we are Neurodiverse or Neurotypical.

For Aspies however, meeting another person on the spectrum is very much needed.  Not only do you engage in community, but you see just how different we all really are.  Even if we are on the spectrum.  Our differences teach us that finding others is not only good for us, but essential.

This episode is the first in what will be an ongoing attempt to help us all meet others who are on the spectrum. We will try to bring you more of these periodically throughout the course of these podcasts...


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