The Diagnostic Process

August 09, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 16
The Diagnostic Process
Show Notes

Diagnosing Autism can be a very daunting process.  In some cases, especially in adults, the process can take several doctors, a multitude of tests and questions, and in some cases a fair amount of out-of-pocket expense.

So why do we bother?  For some, it is a simple need to know for certain what we already suspect.  In the case of our children or a young adult, it could mean the difference between obtaining helpful services or having services that are possible but out of reach.

This visit we talk with Dr. Allison Burke, the director of the diagnostic clinic at Akron Children's Hospital.  We'll get a glimpse of the diagnostic process and how Akron Children's is working to make the diagnosis process a more pleasant and workable experience.

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