Understanding ABA Therapy

October 18, 2022 With your host John Allen Season 2 Episode 21
Understanding ABA Therapy
Show Notes

Through the years, there have been many attempts at finding proper therapeutic methods for "curing" Autism and ASD.  Those of you who are older may recall the advertising campaigns launched as a result of higher incidents of Autism diagnosis that were rendered in the late 1960's and well into the '70's.  The idea was to "eradicate this awful disease" as was so commonly referred to during this era.

Our culture was then predominated by the authoritarian modal (remember the common practice of paddling children in school?)  During this time individuals and organizations were hounding the US government to use ABA as a common approach to "curing" Autism.  As we all know now, Autism is not something that can be cured simply because it is not a disease nor a mental illness. 

However, ABA continues to be a controversial model for ASD therapy.  With so many opinions and even fewer facts, we decided to explore this kind of therapy in this podcast. It should be noted here that this podcast runs a bit longer than normal (25 minutes).

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