Sudden Impacts and the Neuro-Diverse Marriage

January 10, 2023 With your host John Allen Season 3 Episode 1
Sudden Impacts and the Neuro-Diverse Marriage
Show Notes

Ever have a sudden experience that changed your life?  In the Neuro-Diverse relationship, sudden changes and hard impacts can really test yourself and your relationship.

After just such an impact was delivered to my wife and I in the for of a cancer diagnosis.  But it wasn't just the diagnosis that made the sudden impacts so hard on the person on the spectrum, or on the Neuro-typical partner.  It was the way the scenario played out, the ER, the surgery, the constant overload of doctors, nurses and a whole host of physical, sensory and emotional traumas in between.

CONTENT WARNING:  This episode deals with serious medical conditions and cancer.  If this is a subject that is particularly painful for you, please skip this podcast.


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