MASKING and Neurodiverse Relationships Pt.1

March 30, 2023 With your host John Allen Season 3 Episode 5
MASKING and Neurodiverse Relationships Pt.1
Show Notes

This subject is one those that impacts the relationship dynamic in almost every encounter.  We felt this was important enough to review and then talk about how this effects the Neurodiverse relationship. 

"Masking" is one of the many ways that those of us on the Spectrum hide ourselves from others.  We try to hide our autistic tendencies so that people in the Neurotypical world see us as one of them.  It's a method of acceptance we have been doing most of our lives with varying degrees of success.

Todays visit we talk about how masking manifests itself and how to handle different scenarios where masking becomes part of things.  We also visit some troublesome ideas and some ways to stop masking and just be ourselves in a relationship close to someone else.

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